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10628 Park Road
Charlotte, NC 28210
Last updated Mar 21, 2023

Price Fairness

How do rates compare to nearby hospitals?
I went to the emergency room for...
This hospital
9 miles away
9 miles away
Urinary tract infection
$2,800.01 insured
Incomplete data
$1,909.26 insured
$1,806.50 uninsured
$2,126.83 insured
$1,979.00 uninsured
$3,399.66 insured
Incomplete data
$2,485.55 insured
$2,289.00 uninsured
$2,807.47 insured
$2,623.00 uninsured
Heart palpitations
$2,739.09 insured
$2,203.91 uninsured
$1,986.52 insured
$1,956.50 uninsured
$2,169.74 insured
$2,190.00 uninsured
Food poisoning
$2,437.39 insured
Incomplete data
$1,649.90 insured
$1,621.50 uninsured
$1,832.16 insured
$1,795.00 uninsured
Is this inaccurate? Email us. Bill items making up each situation are determined from Goodbill's proprietary claims dataset. Insured rates are calculated using median commercial negotiated rates. Uninsured rates are calculated using cash prices.
All prices are calculated using pricing data published by hospitals in machine-readable files per the Hospital Price Transparency Final Rule. Not all hospitals are compliant with this regulation, which results in "Incomplete data". Want to promote compliance? File a complaint.
These are estimates purely for informational purposes and may be different than what you might ultimately be charged. All prices and ratings are subject to change.

Patient access to data

Do patients have easy access to their records, as required by law?
Getting access through HIPAA
HIPAA requires hospitals to comply with patient requests to have their records sent to them.
At least one possible violation in the last 180 days
Goodbill has never filed a government complaint
Getting access electronically
As of October 6, 2022, hospitals must give patients electronic access to most of their health information.
Has published API access

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